Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Makeup and Maternity knickers 

It all started with a positive pregnancy test. I was going to be a Mum, a glamorous, fabulous Mum.

As a makeup lover I always wondered how and why women "let themselves go" when they have babies and small children, "Kids sleep" I used to say. I promised myself I'd always make time to pamper myself when I had kids.

As the months went on, people would comment how well I looked, how much I suited pregnancy and how I was glowing. I used to shrug the comments off but I loved them really.

I carried on wearing a full face of makeup even though my skin went flawless (apparently pregnancy does this to you). I would practise my makeup on my days off work and I made sure to get a couple of selfies which showed a respectable amount of pregancy boob cleavage. Later in the pregnancy I developed Braxton hicks but instead of moaning I used the fake contractions as an opportunity to practice my eyebrows under pressure so I knew how long it would take me to do my makeup when my real contractions started.

27th January 2016, Over due and fed up. I didn't bother putting any makeup on I just smothered my face in moisturiser and waddled to the car. I didn't care how rough I looked all I wanted was this child out of me and in my arms.

My daughter was born on the 28th at 8:18 am. Hours later I applied a full face but I was rushing to get back to her and watch her sleep. The way I looked didn't matter.

 4 months later I have went from wearing makeup 6 days a week to maybe once a fortnight. It's not because my passion has gone or I don't have time, it's because my free time gets spent memorising the details on my daughters face, treasuring the way she coils her fingers around mine, basking in the silence I had previously took for granted. I am typing this blog post as my Daughter is comforted by her Dad, dried sweet potato in her hair and mine but I wouldn't change a thing.

when I wear make up I feel great but when I look at my child I feel greater.

I have not lost my love for makeup. I'm a passionate about makeup Mum.

Stay BeYoutiful

Demice xox

Sunday, April 12, 2015

FOUNDATION - My one true love.. Or should I say one of many.

First of all I would like to thank everybody who read and enjoyed my first post and to all those who have supported me and gave me the confidence in continuing.

Now lets get started :)
I am a maaasssssivveee foundation freak. Its my obsession, my soul mate, my real life Instagram filter, my EVERYTHING. I've tried all brands from drug store to high end, liquids, creams, powders. even the odd BB and CC cream. So I do like to consider myself a bit of an foundation expert.

 I have combination skin – which if you’re not familiar with the term its dry in some parts, normal in some parts and usually oily around the T-zone area, for my skin I don’t really have to be careful which foundation I use as long as I moisturise properly and use a setting powder in my oily zones.

For those who do not know there are 3 foundation formats:

  •      Liquid – these are an all round winner, if you are just starting out with make up or you are unsure of which to try I would definitely recommend liquids. It is also really beautiful for ageing skin as cream is quite heavy and powder may sit in the fine lines.
  •      Cream – I LOVE CREAM FOUNDATIONS. These foundation are more for the high coverage girls (or guys), they have a thicker consistency than liquid and can give you that flawless finish despite any imperfections. These foundations are not that great for oily skin but are perfect for dry or combination/normal.
  •             Powder – powder is a bit of a hit and miss for me. I love full coverage so I usually set my foundation with a foundation powder but you can use this on its own. I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin, and if you have combination skin you might be taking the risk of it clinging to the dry patches however it looks flawless on those with oily skin as it can balance the oil

FACT: oily skin can be down to your skin being dehydrated. Your skin can produce oil to compensate from the lack of moisture in your skin. However oily skin and dehydrated skin are treated different so when shopping for a foundation tell the beauty consultant the problems you encounter.


I was going to just choose one favourite, but when staring at my foundation draw - salivating, I realised I have several so why not just mention them all.
All of my favourites are medium to full coverage. I have a couple of facial scars from spots and suffer with hyper pigmentation so medium/full is my preference and I understand it isn't for everyone. 

So my absolute favourites at the minute are the Artist of Makeup Flawless and Luminous HD foundations by Zukreat. These are cream foundations retailing at £15 and provide the fullest of full coverage… however for those who prefer light or medium coverage you can just be very light handed whilst applying. These are available on Artist of Makeup and don't worry about trying to figure out what shade you are, they have been kind enough to compare their shades to MAC cosmetic shades which is soooooo helpful.

Swatches from the AOM website of the foundations

Speaking of MAC cosmetics my second favourite of all time is the Studio Sculpt Foundation. Another full coverage cream based foundation that gives the most beautiful flawless skin. This foundation retails at £25 and has been in my make up kit for years. I would not recommend this foundation for oily skin but it’s perfect for normal to combination.  

Studio Sculpt Foundation

My third favourite has got to be L’oreal true match foundation. This foundation is £9.99! which already makes it a winner to me. This is my go to foundation for work or if I am  just running the shops. Its super light and has pretty reflective tones to it which gives a natural flawless finish. This is a medium coverage foundation but is super buildable or it can be a sheer to light coverage by mixing with a moisturiser. L’oreal I thank you.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

I also have to mention my foundation powder which I use to set my foundation. For the longest time I used Mac Studio Fix Plus Powder until I discovered the Illamasqua foundation powder. This is LIFEEE. honestly the coverage is so beautiful that it kind of puts my MAC powder to shame. I have not tried this by its self as I do have dry patches on my skin but paired with my liquid or cream foundation this is a winner. 

Illamasqua Foundation Powder 

Now to the sad part .. my disappointments, But first lets all mourn the loss of my money because these two products besides my new Chanel foundation (which I also love OMG Perfection Lumiere is life) are the most expensive foundations I own.

The first being Smash Box Halo foundation, so here’s the story.. I tested this out in Boots, beautiful I loved it. I got this foundation home and OMG what did I buy *cries* as I have previously said I love medium to full coverage this “medium buildable” foundation is basically a tinted bottle of grease. The tester in the shop was completely different to the foundation in the bottle and provided me with the lightest of lightest coverage possible and left my face so oily. For £28 I expected a beautiful finish however that is the complete opposite to what I got.

SmashBox Halo Foundation

My last foundation fail is the Lancome 24Hour foundation. My friend had this foundation and her skin was AMAZING. As soon as I seen her use it I made it my mission to buy it and love and cherish it forever… however I sadly could not. This foundation comes in at £29.50 and to me it isn't worth half of that. This also left my skin oily and this foundation oxidises like no other I have tried. And for those who are unaware of oxidisation it is when our facial oils interfere with the ingredients in the foundation and can turn the foundation darker. So please if you do buy this foundation.. get it tested beforehand. 

Lancome 24hour Foundation

feel free to message me with any questions on twitter @DemiceCatrell or instagram @DemiceWatson. 

Hope you all enjoy your day.

Stay BeYoutiful 

Demice xox 

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