Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Makeup and Maternity knickers 

It all started with a positive pregnancy test. I was going to be a Mum, a glamorous, fabulous Mum.

As a makeup lover I always wondered how and why women "let themselves go" when they have babies and small children, "Kids sleep" I used to say. I promised myself I'd always make time to pamper myself when I had kids.

As the months went on, people would comment how well I looked, how much I suited pregnancy and how I was glowing. I used to shrug the comments off but I loved them really.

I carried on wearing a full face of makeup even though my skin went flawless (apparently pregnancy does this to you). I would practise my makeup on my days off work and I made sure to get a couple of selfies which showed a respectable amount of pregancy boob cleavage. Later in the pregnancy I developed Braxton hicks but instead of moaning I used the fake contractions as an opportunity to practice my eyebrows under pressure so I knew how long it would take me to do my makeup when my real contractions started.

27th January 2016, Over due and fed up. I didn't bother putting any makeup on I just smothered my face in moisturiser and waddled to the car. I didn't care how rough I looked all I wanted was this child out of me and in my arms.

My daughter was born on the 28th at 8:18 am. Hours later I applied a full face but I was rushing to get back to her and watch her sleep. The way I looked didn't matter.

 4 months later I have went from wearing makeup 6 days a week to maybe once a fortnight. It's not because my passion has gone or I don't have time, it's because my free time gets spent memorising the details on my daughters face, treasuring the way she coils her fingers around mine, basking in the silence I had previously took for granted. I am typing this blog post as my Daughter is comforted by her Dad, dried sweet potato in her hair and mine but I wouldn't change a thing.

when I wear make up I feel great but when I look at my child I feel greater.

I have not lost my love for makeup. I'm a passionate about makeup Mum.

Stay BeYoutiful

Demice xox